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As Guy Truitt says it’s all about the percentages… Today’s gains were average, but more it’s the reasons why we decide to go in and why we decide to pull out of a stock. With Percentages Trading Club you can be a part of a small but great group of traders that really help you understand what’sContinue reading Adam S

Adam S

I’ve payed a lot of sites including Zack’s ultimate, motley fool, Tim Sykes, and the Superman if wall street, I’ve learned more from Guy Truitt than any of those programs.

Joey Parres

Guy is awesome and takes the time to answer everyone’s questions. His approach is simple and I saw benefits from following him instantly!

Michel Robillard

I’d like to give a shout out to Guy Truitt and his live chatroom @ I didn’t take a position this morning, but with what I’ve been able to learn since I’ve joined, I was able to pick up on some trend lines and patterns later in the day. Smaller profits this afternoon, ButContinue reading Riel Arcoite Jr.

Riel Arcoite Jr.