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When to Buy & Sell

Stop buying the top! A common mistake many traders face is buying a stock right when it breaks out. This often leads to buying the top and losing money as the stock corrects itself. Traders then end up bag holding, hoping the stock will reverse. Learn how stocks move and the best point for entries and exits.

Chart Patterns & Set Ups

Our edge to consistent trades is understanding patterns and chart analysis, which leads to confident trade execution. Using scanners and day-trading setups that help find consistent trades each day. Paying attention to patterns will lead to positive returns.

Buying the right Stock

Buying the right stock is crucial in trading, as you want to get the most return for your money. Buying the wrong stock will not return profits quickly, and will tie up funds that you can use on other stocks that are breaking out. We use a number of indicators/scanners that help us find the best trades to execute and profit!

“Did you know, 90% of new traders will loss 90% of their money in the first 90 days?”

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