APRIL 8 2019


Robert G


+14.29% Profit

Martin P


+13% Profit

Guy T


+11.43% Profit

Jordan D



Andy Bryson


+20% Profit

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$PRPO +.62.71% (Closed $.243)

Resistance Level: $.255

Support Level: $.23

$PRPO was the top gainer today hitting the HOD of $.308 (+109%) around the end of lunch time. This stock looks over bought and not known to run for multiple days. Will likely be shorted tomorrow.

$HSGX +56.00% (Closed $.173)

Resistance Level: $.20

Support Level: $.16

$HSGX hit its HOD $.35 (+215%) during premarket after the company and Ocugen, said Monday they agreed to merge. $HSGX has the potential to have a short run up tomorrow if it can stay above $.20.

$VTL +41.73% (Closed $.728)

Resistance Level: $.75

Support Level: $.625

$VTL spiked up hitting HOD $.92 (+80%) within the 1st 30 minutes after opening bell. The stock did not have enough support to continue the surge and stock fell for the remainder of the day. $VTL looks overbought and will likely be shorted tomorrow.


$HAIR -4.00% (Closed $.672)

Resistance Level: $.69

Support Level: $.66

$HAIR attempted a run up, but could not break the $.75 level. The stock then trended down the remainder of the day. Alert is set at $.70 & $.75

$AMR -7.40% (Closed $.260)

Resistance Level: $.27

Support Level: $.25

$AMR did not have enough volume to continue the upward trend, but ended up jumping a bit after hours. Alert is set at $.30 and I am watching this one close tomorrow.

$SES +4.16% (Closed $.526)

Resistance Level: $.55

Support Level: $.525

$SES had low volume today and channeled around $.52-$.54 range. $SES still has potential to breakout soon, so alert is set at $.55


$AFH -2.25% (Closed $1.74)

Resistance Level: $1.78

Support Level: $1.74

$AFH hit 52-week low of $1.69 today. This stock has been on a bad decline the past few days and may be consolidating around $1.75 area. Alert is set at $1.80 to catch when it wants to pop back up.

$VXRT -21.58% (Closed $1.49)

Resistance Level: $1.50

Support Level: $1.42

$VXRT dropped passed its 52-week low to $1.42 during after hours today. $VXRT fell from $1.90 and may have a small bounce back up in the next few days. Alert is set at $1.50

$INPX -5.11% (Closed $.839)

Resistance Level: $.86

Support Level: $.81

$INPX may have found support at $.81 after surging to $.97 on Friday. I am watching to see if it can pass the $.86 level and it may continue to run up. Alert is set at $.86.

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