APRIL 5 2019


$VTL +145.82% (Closed $.514)

Resistance Level: $.57

Support Level: $.44

$VTL was the supernova of the day reaching HOD of $.70 (+230%) right before lunch. If it can push back up to $.60 on Monday, it may have another chance at running up. Alert is set at $.59

$BW +70.56% (Closed $.385)

Resistance Level: $.42

Support Level: $.36

$BW jumped on news stating the company amended a credit agreement with lenders and will receive $150 million in financing from B. Riley FBR Inc. Alert is set at .425 if the trend continues on Monday.

$OHGI +28.57% (Closed $.072)

Resistance Level: $.075

Support Level: $.065

$OHGI is a high float, low volume stock, so it did not pop out as a stock to be interested in trading. The daily chart is showing a bullish trend, but it may be exhausted after 5 out of 6 days in the green. Alert is set at .08


$CEI +2.96% (Closed $.358)

Resistance Level: $.36

Support Level: $.35

$CEI did not have enough volume today to push through $.37 resistance. It was still a green day from yesterdays 2019 low of $.31. Alert is set at $37 and I am keeping a close eye on this one come Monday.

$AMRH -.60% (Closed $.35)

Resistance Level: $.355

Support Level: $.34

$AMRH did not do much after opening bell, it fell a bit and channeled within $.34-$.35 range. This still has the opportunity to breakout on Monday so Alert is set at $.37

$DCAR +3.38% (Closed $2.45)

Resistance Level: $2.57

Support Level: $2.41

$DCAR popped up a bit today, but there was not enough volume for a significant change. It started picking up after hours and has great potential to breakout on Monday. Alert is set at $2.50 & $2.70.


$HAIR +6.17% (Closed $.70)

Resistance Level: $.76

Support Level: $.70

$HAIR is coming off $.55 low last week and has been trailing up since then. It made a slightly bigger jump today, but did not have enough buyers interested. Alert is set at $.74 to see if it gets bullish on Monday

$AMR +26.42% (Closed $280)

Resistance Level: $.29

Support Level: $.27

$AMR finally had a big day from 10 days in the red. It may pull back a bit, but this may be the start of a bull trend for next week. Alert is set at $2.9 and $.30

$SES -12.57% (Closed $.505)

Resistance Level: $.52

Support Level: $.49

$SES just hit 52 week low today. This stock is known to occasionally breakout out so keep close eye on movement as it will want to come back from the dip sometime soon. Alert is set at $.53.

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