APRIL 4 2019


Adam S.


+47.62% Profit!!

Martin P.


+22% Profit

Brian F.


+15% Profit

Brian F.


+25% Profit

Rob W.


+7% Profit

*We love it when Club Members profit!!! Post your win and, be sure to include the ticker, percentage gain, and “#percentage“, and we will repost on our daily Recap Blog!


$FSNN +56.83% (Closed $.345)

Resistance Level: $.39

Support Level: $.33

$FSNN had an initial spike premarket to .27 (+25%), took a little dip and broke past that high a little after lunch. It trailed up to HOD $.39 (+77%) and channeled within the mid .35 range for the remainder of the day. This stock has potential to run up tomorrow so alert is set at $.37. ($.37 to $.41 = +10%)

$CPHI +52.71% (Closed $.507)

Resistance Level: $.58

Support Level: $.47

$CPHI pushed up to the 1st 2 hours of the day hitting .52 (+54%). It channeled around .4-.45 range until later in the day boosted up to HOD $.58 (+73%). This stock is not known to run for consecutive days and will likely be shorted tomorrow.

$TYHT +44.95% (Closed $1.58)

Resistance Level: $1.66

Support Level: $1.50

$TYHT hit HOD $1.83 (+66%) during premarket, dropped down to $1.28 support right after opening bell and had an upward trend from there. It was not able to break HOD finally closing out at $1.58. If it continues tomorrow, it will meet strong resistance at $2.00 level.


$FSNN +56.83% (Closed $.345)

Resistance Level: $.39

Support Level: $.33

$FSNN was the top gainer today hitting HOD $.39 (+77%) This stock has potential to run up tomorrow so alert is set at $.37. ($.37 to $.41 = +10%)

$ABIO +1586.17% (-6.39 actual) (Closed $5.62)

Resistance Level: $5.80

Support Level: $5.40

$ABIO went through a 1 for 18 reverse split today. It gapped up 15% during premarket but did not have enough support to break through $7.00. Reverse Splits happen when the stock price is so low that the company has to perform a reverse split to get its stock price back up. This is a bad sign for the company as a whole and means the stock price has been moving to the downside.

$RGSE +3.25% (Closed $.159)

Resistance Level: $.16

Support Level: $.15

$RGSE did not have enough buyers to make a significant jump today. It still has potential to breakout any day soon, so alert is set at $.17.


$CEI -6.78% (Closed $.347)

Resistance Level: $.35

Support Level: $.34

$CEI hit 52-week low of $.31 today. $CEI is known to gap up occasionally so I set alert at .37 to catch the upward trend.

$AMRH +5.74% (Closed $.352)

Resistance Level: $.365

Support Level: $.35

$AMRH spiked up a little after opening bell but channeled around .35-.365 range. It looks like it was an attempt for a bull trend so alert is set at $.38,

$DCAR -7.78% (Closed $2.37)

Resistance Level: $2.40

Support Level: $2.30

$DCAR has been on a declining trend since early last week and looks like it may have reached support at $2.20. $DCAR is a stock known to gap up, so alert is set at $2.50

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