APRIL 1 2019


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$PULM +81.89% (Closed $2.31)

Resistance Level: $2.37

Support Level: $1.92

$PULM started off the first 1.5hrs of the day on a bullish trend hitting HOD $3.01 (+135%). The company reported that it entered into a binding term sheet with Cipla Technologies for development and commercialization of its asthma treatment Pulmazole. Stock will most likely be shorted tomorrow, but if it can stay above $2, it may run up again.

$CMSS +8.65% (Closed $22.85)

Resistance Level: $22.85

Support Level: $19.44

$CMSS was a low volume stock that had an initial jump up early and channeled at the low $10 range for the rest of the day. Stock does not look worth getting into, as it has not had too much movement in the past few years.

$AVEO +35.35% (Closed $1.11)

Resistance Level: $1.15

Support Level: $1.08

$AVEO gapped up 30 minutes after opening bell and continued on a bullish trend the remainder of the day. It continued after hours hitting high of $1.38. It is hitting some strong resistance and would need to stay above $1.40 tomorrow to keep the bullish trend.


$GTXI +5.00% (Closed $1.26)

Resistance Level: $1.27

Support Level: $1.25

$GTXI did not have much volume today but remained on an upward trend. Alert is set at $1.30 in case it continues tomorrow.

$AMRH -0.45% (Closed $.333)

Resistance Level: $.34

Support Level: $.32

$AMRH was another one that did not have enough volume today, but looks like it may continue to trend up tomorrow. Alert is set at .35

$EVOK +13.33% (Closed $1.70)

Resistance Level: $1.80

Support Level: $1.60

$EVOK had a quick jump a little after lunch, hitting HOD $2.00 (+33%). It didn’t have enough support to continue the bullish trend and it dropped down, most likely trading around $1.50 tomorrow. Alert is set at $1.81


$HAIR +9.52% (Closed $.64)

Resistance Level: $.65

Support Level: $.62

$HAIR finally found support at $.56 on Friday and continued the bull trend today. Chart is showing it has the potential to take another jump up tomorrow. Alert is set at $.67.

$GEVO +3.20% (Closed $2.26)

Resistance Level: $2.28

Support Level: $2.20

$GEVO is a low float stock and is touching 20-Day EMA. Chart looks good to continue on a bull trend tomorrow. Alert is set at $2.30

$ARPO +8.76% (Closed $.98)

Resistance Level: $1.00

Support Level: $.96

$ARPO has a huge drop on 3/18, and looks like it finally bottomed out on Friday at $.88. It took a little jump up today toward closing bell and looks like it wants to break the $1.00 resistance. Alert is set at $1.00 and I am watching this one close tomorrow.

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